Supporting WA’s knowledge economy: keeping and growing our life science sector talents

Epichem’s CEO, Colin La Galia – in interview with 6PR’s Gareth Parker


We’re in one of the best situations in a long time in that we have a rich abundance of small start-up biotech companies in Western Australia – and this is a really healthy position to be in. But unless we can support them, support funding them, and employ them, we may not see the fruition of some of these great solutions eventuating into a commercialised product.


In WA, the landscape we find ourselves in is exciting, but the challenge we have as a State is:

  • how do we keep the talent? – PhD qualified medicinal and life science graduates,
  • how do we grow the talent pool?, and
  • how do we continue to have solution-oriented mindsets where we’re producing cutting-edge, disruptive, innovative, novel discoveries in the medicinal and life sciences space?

[listen to the full interview…]


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