Custom Synthesis & Technical Services

Epichem has considerable expertise in custom synthesis, technical consultancy and problem-solving services.

Our chemistry team are experts in all aspects of custom synthesis, including:

  • Impurities, degradants and metabolites of active pharmaceutical and excipients.
  • Deuterated and 13C labelled molecules – including metabolites for identification.
  • Isolation, purification and characterisation of high purity compounds and complex molecules.
  • Other organic molecules, including; heterocycles, alkaloids, macrocycles, peptides and fluorescent tags.
  • Reagents for chemistry and biochemistry.
  • Milligram to multigram scale.
  • Analysis to your requirements including NMR, LCMS, GCMS, HPLC, IR and water content.

Our custom reference materials are Australian made in our ISO 17034 and ISO 17025 accredited facility and are supplied with a Certificate of Analysis and Safety Data Sheet.

We also have an extensive collection of novel and rare compounds, impurities and degradants.  These are available in milligram to multi-gram quantities, or can be prepared in bulk quantities on request. Examples include:

  • Natural products
  • Steroids and their metabolites
  • Naphthalenes and naphthoquinones

As experts in the identification and synthesis of new and challenging molecules, we also provide clients with technical consultancy and problem-solving services, including:

  • Identification of low-level degradants and impurities
  • Synthesis and characterisation of authentic samples and new working standards
  • Expert advice to solve challenging technical problems.

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