Research Projects

Epichem works collaboratively with academic groups to translate basic research into commercial projects aimed at unmet medical need. Please contact us if you are interested in working with us on these programmes.


Highly novel, small molecule therapeutics for oncology
Mutations in Ras protein family members are found in approximately 30% of human cancers. K-Ras is the most frequently mutated Ras isoform, with mutations identified in 90% pancreatic, 45% colorectal and 35% of lung cancers. Epichem has identified a novel, low MW compound with sub-μM activity in a suite K-Ras synthetic lethal cell-lines presenting a very exciting opportunity to enter this targeted area of anticancer therapeutics.


Oral Drug for Diabetes
Epichem has a collaborative project with Curtin University to discover a novel orally available drug for the treatment of diabetes. The project recently won the Start-Up category of the WA Innovator of the Year Award 2011.


Drug for Cryptosporidiosis
Epichem has a collaborative project with Murdoch University to discover a novel treatment for cryptosporidiosis, a parasitic disease which affects both humans and animals. In particular, it is a major problem for immunocompromised people such as those with HIV-AIDS. Newly born cattle are also at high risk of the disease and the animal health sector is a significant market for an effective treatment for cryptosporidiosis.


Carbolog Screening Libraries
Epichem has a collaborative project with IRL’s world-renowned Carbohydrate Chemistry group to prepare and commercialise drug screening libraries based on novel chiral carbohydrate-like cores.

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