qNMR – A Very Useful Tool to Assess Reference Material Purity

As part of our ISO 17034 accreditation, we use the “100%” method to assess the purity of our reference materials.


This method is very accurate, except in the case of molecules with poor chromophores or inadequate HPLC.


We have recently used qNMR more frequently to assess final purity of our reference standards. Our strong relationships with local universities provides us with ready access to 500MHz and 600MHz instruments that, in conjunction with an internally certified qNMR reference material, allows for direct quantification of the molecule of interest.





An example is the case of the docusate derivative: EPL-AA216. The robustness of the HPLC chromatogram for the compound was deemed insufficient to be used as the primary means of purity determination and so we sought to use qNMR to support the purity assay. qNMR was a very simple and quick way to assist with assigning a purity value along with an acceptable uncertainty range.


Epichem continues to carve out a strong track record in assuring the purity and assay of our reference materials. For more information about our analytical techniques, please contact our expert team at info@epichem.com.au.

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