Epichem Participates in BIO Digital

Our CSO & Head of Drug Discovery Martine Keenan, and CEO Colin La Galia, participated with delegates from around the world for critical business partnering and must-see educational content addressing the most pressing issues facing our industry.



COVID-19 was a hot topic of discussion but we’re all looking beyond this towards R&D bouncing back.

Most interesting were the discussions that our CSO Martine Keenan and CEO Colin La Galia are having with industry experts and potential clients interested in Epichem’s value-add medicinal chemistry and drug discovery expertise; learning about new technology to address efficiency in biological screening, novel diagnostics; and realising opportunities for strategic partnerships where chemistry meets biology.


It’s exciting to connect with global delegates on the BIO Conference virtual/digital platform with people from US, Canada, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Italy, UK, to name a few, and there’s a lot of interest in all aspects of Australian research, companies and life sciences industry.


Looking forward to follow up discussions and forging new business opportunities.

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