Epichem Licensing Agreement to Develop Waste to Fuels Technology

Epichem Pty Ltd, through its subsidiary Epichem OHD Pty Ltd, has entered into a licensing agreement with Illinois-based Thermaquatica Inc to research, develop and promote a novel, innovative and disruptive waste to fuels technology.

Epichem will research, develop and promote the novel, innovative, disruptive Oxidative Hydrothermal Dissolution (OHD) technology using Flow Reaction. Epichem will continue to seek government and project grant funding to accelerate the initiative.


Epichem OHD will advance the novel, disruptive and innovative OHD technology using biomass/feedstock flow reactor material science. The flow reactor is a world-first with its potential to turn a wide range of waste and biomass feedstock into valuable fuels, fine chemicals, agricultural growth stimulants and ethanol.


The benchtop flow reactor under development will be carbon neutral, environmentally sustainable and uses oxygen and water at high temperature and pressure to break down input materials and form useful end products.


The flow reactor has the potential to convert:

• Plastics into renewable fuels
• Coal into diesel or agricultural biostimulants (diesel, fine chemicals and biostimulants)
• Rubber tyres into liquid fuels/valuable chemical products
• Trees into cellulosic ethanol/fine chemicals
• Leftover stock or crops into liquid fuel – cellulosic ethanol and agricultural biostimulants.

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