Effectiveness of OHD E-Waste Project Confirmed

Epichem has presented the outcome of vital research on our OHD innovation to recycle and divert e-waste from landfill. This marks the completion of our e-waste project funded by the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation.  
  • OHD technology removes plastics via oxidative dissolution, thereby concentrating major metals such as gold, tin, copper, iron and zinc
  • Minor metals also identified include silver, barium, nickel, chromium, magnesium and manganese * Plastics in e-waste converted into small organic molecules which can potentially be repurposed and/or made biodegradable
  • Continuous flow and semi-batch processing capability.
Epichem presented these findings to the Environment Minister and Minister of Innovation, along with grant recipients from CSIRO and Curtin University.   “With e-waste becoming a growing concern, we are proud to see that Western Australian researchers are developing innovative ways to inform best practice when reducing e-waste ending up in landfill,” said Environment Minister Reece Whitby. “Through funding such as the WasteSorted E-Waste Grants, we are making progress towards the commitment to ban e-waste from Western Australian landfill by 2024.” “In total, the WA Government has invested $1 million in nine initiatives which, when fully implemented, will divert approximately 1,000 tonnes of e-waste annually from landfill in Western Australia,” said Innovation and ICT Minister Stephen Dawson. Read More:  https://bit.ly/3rQY5BW #JTSI #innovation #circulareconomy  

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