Ibuprofen Reference Standards: The Complete Suite!

Support a successful manufacturing and supply campaign of Ibuprofen with the full range of pharmacopoeial API reference standards available from Epichem!   Ibuprofen was developed by Boots Laboratories, UK in the 1950’s and has become one of the world’s most popular and effective anti-inflammatory pain relief medicines. Support a successful manufacturing and supply campaign with … Read more

Anti-histamine impurities and degradants from Epichem

If you’re in the middle of manufacturing and releasing stock for the up-coming allergy season or if there are unexplained peaks in the HPLC from your stability and forced degradation studies you’ll need an appropriate reference standard. Epichem can help. Epichem holds in stock over 25 anti-histamine pharmacopoeial impurity and degradant reference standards manufactured under … Read more

Diphenhydramine and Epichem – Nothing to sneeze at!

Diphenhydramine is a first generation sedating anti-histamine with a long history of safe use either alone or in combination preparations since its invention in 1946. For OTC manufacturers of diphenhydramine anti-allergy products Epichem provides the full suite of reference materials listed in the BP (neat and in bulk) as well as the API and two … Read more

Drs Martine Keenan and Jason Chaplin celebrate a decade of service at Epichem!

Head of Drug Discovery, Dr. Martine Keenan, and Principal Chemist, Dr. Jason Chaplin, celebrated a decade of service last night! Their respective dedication, commitment and expertise have been invaluable to Epichem’s growth and development. Epichemers enjoyed the newsworthy occasion with a relaxed night of beers and pizza. Well done to Martine and Jason for putting … Read more

Epichem shines a light on pharmaceutical impurities with x-ray crystallography to identify closely related impurities.

Epichem shines a light on pharmaceutical impurities with x-ray crystallography. Epichem has harnessed the power of single crystal x-ray diffraction techniques to unambiguously establish the structures of a number of closely related pharmaceutical impurities for the first time. See full story here.