Epichem Welcomes WA Minister for Science, Hon Dave Kelly MLA for a Visit

We welcomed WA Minister for Science, Hon Dave Kelly MLA to visit and see our innovative work and leadership in chemistry, as well as to discuss disruptive technology projects including a revolutionary Biomass Benchtop Flow Reactor that can take any waste or Biomass feedstock to create ethanols, fine chemicals, petrochemicals, biofuels and liquid fertiliser to name a few.

We also discussed our smart chemistry and surface solutions for COVID-19, which can be applied to clinical and non-clinical settings to tackle viruses and bacteria.

Epichem Learnings in the COVID-19 Era

Sharing from experience, our CEO Colin La Galia was guest speaker at the recent business.gov.au #AusIndustry Biotechnology Communities of Practice Meeting and engaged with a highly receptive audience when presenting “Not all heroes wear capes! – Epichem learnings in the COVID-19 Era”.

Lessons learnt include:

• Focus on what we can control
• Solution Orientated Mindset Part of the Game
• Adaptation is Key
• Survival of the “Quickest”
• “Forced” Entrepreneurship
• Online Marketing /PR/Comms
• Proactive Social Media
• Review of and introduction of new Internal Processes
• Insulate Company against Economic Impact of COVID 19
• Communication Internal & External

COVID-19 Innovation Hub: Smart Chemistry Update

Smart Chemistry in this time of COVID-19 is rapidly responding, and we’re taking part with other industry leaders to work on solutions to the challenges we face, and what’s next for WA and the world. The recent MTPConnect WA Life Sciences Innovation Hub roundtable on “Industry COVID-19 Rapid Response – What next for WA?” is one example that brought together several of WA’s leading experts to work on solutions. Our CEO, Colin La Galia shared our response to COVID-19 and the lessons learnt.

We’re in this together ad we’re working on solutions to keep us safe, together.