Epichem Licensing Agreement to Develop Waste to Fuels Technology

Epichem has entered into a license agreement with Thermaquatica for the Oxidative Hydrothermal Dissolution (OHD) technology
• Epichem will research, develop and promote the novel, innovative, disruptive technology using Flow Reaction
• Epichem will continue to seek government and project grant funding to accelerate the initiative

Webinar: “Not all heroes wear capes: Epichem learnings in the COVID-19 Era.”

In case you missed it, our CEO Colin La Galia presented a webinar on “Not all heroes wear capes: Epichem learnings in the COVID-19 Era” sharing leadership lessons from managing and maintaining full operations through the pandemic (link to full recording, below).   Epichem is fortunate and proud to be one of the only chemistry … Read more

Why Australia needs to prevent the PhD brain drain

We need more government investment in research and development companies – especially as Australia’s reputation in the medical research and biotech industry grows.   One of the country’s primary goals must be retaining PhD talent.   More government investment means more clients, more roles for our best and brightest, and an Australia that is a … Read more