We are Australia’s leading provider of synthetic and medicinal chemistry services.

Epichem is an expert in the field of synthetic and medicinal chemistry; providing specialised products and technical expertise to a worldwide customer base in the pharmaceutical, mining, agriculture, and animal health sectors.


Epichem excels in a global marketplace by combining a world-class team of highly innovative chemists with a commitment to customer service.


Our focus on good science and a keen awareness of customer priorities, gives us the ability to communicate and deliver outcomes as efficiently and straightforwardly as possible. Located in Western Australia, our talented and passionate chemists have built an enviable reputation with customers and industry partners for technical expertise, reliability and commitment to quality.  


Our significant achievements have been recognised with State and Federal Export Awards over the past 15 years of business. We understand the challenges and commercial realities of drug discovery, research and manufacturing and have the specialist chemistry and professional experience to problem-solve and drive outcomes for our clients.

Medicinal chemistry

Our early-phase drug discovery services include medicinal chemistry and synthesis of analogue libraries.

reference materials

We offer an extensive range of high-purity, hard-to-find reference materials.

Custom Synthesis & Technical services

We have considerable expertise in custom synthesis, technical consultancy and problem-solving services.

Analytical Services

We are experts in the provision of a wide range of analytical services.


Epichem’s core expertise is in organic chemistry. We support many industries with chemistry services, medicinal chemistry skills and specialised products. Our motivation to help others succeed sets us apart from other providers.


Our steadfast commitment to the highest levels of quality and accuracy ensures superior and reliable product and service delivery which is reflected by our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.


We pursue high-level achievement and best possible outcomes for our clients. We are committed to innovation and excellence across everything we do and always strive to exceed customer expectations.


Our purpose-built, state-of-the-art laboratories combine advanced equipment, superior laboratory management systems and facilities to deliver leading chemistry solutions.

Latest additions

EP/BP Name


USP: Not listed

Function: Impurity

Catalogue #
EPL - AA255

CAS Number 154476-25-2

EP/BP Name


USP: Not listed

Function: Impurity


Catalogue #
EPL - AA227

CAS Number 870076-72-5

EP/BP Name


USP: Not listed

Function: Impurity


Catalogue #
EPL - AA199

CAS Number 27204-57-5


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