Epichem Key Staff

Dr Martine Keenan - CEO and Head of Drug Discovery

Martine brings 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical and contract research organisations to the role of CEO at Epichem. Committed to ensuring Epichem delivers high quality organic chemistry services to customers, Martine delights in leading a team of dedicated professionals focused on achieving client outcomes in a friendly and collaborative manner.

In her own speciality of drug discovery, Martine is a creative synthetic and medicinal chemist with extensive experience in all phases of preclinical research including design and synthesis of novel compounds, generation of IP, computer-aided drug design, compound optimisation towards drug candidates from all starting points in the discovery process and successful delivery of candidate molecules and project milestones. Her expertise spans a broad range of therapeutic areas including oncology, neuroscience and tropical diseases. She can help clients prioritise their work flow and advise on what critical data is needed to keep projects moving forwards.

Martine trained in the UK and Europe and worked at a multinational pharmaceutical company before coming to Perth.

Dr John Moursounidis - Head of Reference Materials

John has deep knowledge of the reference material field and is ready to support your API manufacturing and analytical method development needs. He is a highly experienced pharmaceutical industry professional; working for multi-national companies in the Rx, OTC, Consumer and Personal Health sectors, and pharmaceutical manufacturing before joining Epichem in 2015.

John enjoys getting out of the office to meet clients on-site or at trade shows to better understand how Epichem can help customers to succeed. John’s extensive list of capabilities include primary pharmaceutical and chemical research, product development, regulatory affairs, product listing and registration (for both pharmaceuticals and foods), quality management and general management.

John has a PhD in Organic Chemistry from the University of Western Australia and completed a post-doctoral fellowship at Indiana University (USA).

Dr Karen Breese - Head of Fine Chemicals and Technical Services

Karen is a technical expert in organic chemistry and a tenacious problem solver. She joined the chemistry team at Epichem in 2013, and leads the Fine Chemicals and Technical Services division in delivering the highest quality custom products, reference standards, impurities and degradants. Karen has expertise in all areas of organic synthesis including heterocycles, alkaloids, macrocycles and peptides. She is highly skilled in method development and route planning, isolation, purification and compound characterisation, and can help you with small scale compound library preparation, large scale synthesis and other specialty chemistries such as deuteration and chiral synthesis. She has a proven track record of pioneering novel synthetic routes to unreported compounds using the latest technologies and methods.

Karen is a graduate of the Australian National University, with a PhD in organic chemistry.

Mr Boon Tan - Head of Analytical Services and Quality Manager

Boon and his team of committed analytical chemists provide a comprehensive array of analytical services to get customers the information they need. From routine analyses and formal reporting, through to expert problem-solving, technical support and development of a comprehensive array of analytical methods and statistical analyses. Boon understands the need for rapid data turnaround in fast-paced industries. He is experienced in the oil and gas field, mining, fine chemical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, veterinary, food and biotechnology sectors.

Boon is a graduate of Curtin University and joined Epichem in 2016 as the Quality Manager, a position he still holds. He successfully guided Epichem to ISO9001 certification and accreditation to internationally recognised standards ISO17025 and ISO17034 for the production of reference materials for pharmaceutical manufacturing. He holds a Six Sigma certification, is fluent in multiple Asian languages and previously worked for a multi-national company within the analytical services field.

Ms Lauren Nieuwpoort - Corporate Services Manager and Company Secretary

Lauren provides high level support in strategic development, finance and human resources within the senior management team. Her passion lies in strategic business planning; developing and implementing workforce planning and management accounting initiatives to maximise efficiency and development within the company. She works closely with Epichem’s internal and external stakeholders to foster key relationships and facilitate operations.

Lauren has a BSc in Biomedical Science and Molecular Biology from Murdoch University and a Diploma of Human Resource Management from the Australian Institute of Management. With a diverse background in biological sciences, human resources and finance, Lauren is currently specialising her administrative skill-set by undertaking an MBA at Curtin University.