Epichem employs an extensive suite of specialist equipment to ensure we have the right tool to undertake your chemistry safely, cost effectively, and in a timely manner.

Parallel Synthesis
With an array of parallel synthesis equipment ranging from 6 x 150mL through to 48 x 3mL, Epichem can match your requirements for number and mass of analogues to the most cost effective equipment for your project. Moreover, with the capability of conducting both solution and solid phase reactions, and microwave chemistry, Epichem can select the ideal chemistry for your project enabling a wider range of products and enhancing productivity. Epichem\'s parallel synthesis equipment currently includes:

  • 6 position Radleys Carousel
  • 12 position Radleys Carousel
  • 24 position Bohdan MiniBlock-XT
  • 48 position Bohdan MiniBlock
  • Biotage Initiator 8 Microwave Reactor

Purification can often be the rate limiting step in the production of analogue libraries. Epichem has overcome this bottleneck with a FlashMaster II computer controlled Medium Pressure Liquid Chromatography system. The system has 10 parallel columns, with interchangeable cartridges suitable for purifying quantities of 1mg to 5g of compound per column. It is extremely flexible, being amenable to both standard and reverse phase chromatography using a variety of adsorbants. Its quaternary solvent pump allows isochratic or gradient elution with up to four solvents and its UV detector, PC and fraction collector, all combine for intelligent and precise fraction and peak collection. The careful use of this automation can save the customer both time and money when purifying analogue libraries. Of course Epichem also has fully automated prepatory HPLC which can be used for library purification as required.


Epichem has a powerful array of analytical instruments at its disposal. These include HPLC, LCMS, GCMS, and a 400 MHz Multi-probe NMR Spectrometer. All are fitted with autosamplers enabling high throughput for rapid, cost effective analysis of analogue libraries saving the customer both time and money.

While not a pilot plant facility, Epichem does have an excellent range of large scale laboratory ware  including 20L glass reaction vessels and a 0.6L High Pressure reactor rated at 1,400 psi (~100 atm.) and 225°C. Epichem has considerable experience in producing complex molecules in hundred gram quantities and for simple chemistry could even produce quantities in the order of 1kg. In addition, Epichem can optimise your chemistry for scale-up and liaise with a GMP manufacturer to  ensure a smooth technology transfer from laboratory to production.