Discovery Services

With core expertise in synthetic and medicinal chemistry, Epichem provides the service and flexibility you need to confidently outsource your projects in a cost effective, secure and timely manner.

Custom Synthesis
Epichem synthesizes both known and novel compounds on milligram to kilogram scale, depending on the type of chemistry involved and purification required. Rapid production of analogue libraries is performed using Epichem's extensive array of parallel synthesis and purification apparatus.

Drug Design
In addition to analogue library production, Epichem's expertise in drug discovery and medicinal chemistry can be applied to the design of your compound libraries and selection of the scope and diversity of analogues contained within them. Epichem has a proven track record of Hit-to-Lead and Lead Optimisation for clients.

Method Development
Epichem's extensive knowledge of synthetic methodology means we can devise alternative synthetic schemes involving fewer or higher yielding steps for the synthesis of your target compounds. We can also optimize the conditions of reactions to make them more amenable to large scale production, saving you time and money when transitioning your compound from laboratory to pilot plant and beyond.

Consultancy and Problem Solving
Epichem can provide expert advice and help solve your difficult technical problems. Our experienced team of research scientists have an in depth knowledge of both the theoretical and practical aspects of chemistry, and their applications to industrial processes. One particular area where Epichem has considerable experience and success is in the identification of low level degradants and impurities often found in APIs and formulated products, enabling our clients to meet regulatory requirements and register their products more rapidly.

Talk to us today to see how we can work together with you, to help you get the best results for your project.