Congratulations Dr James Rixson – Epichem’s new Head of Production

Dr James Rixson (PhD organic chemistry) is excited to take on a change in role title to the newly established position of Epichem’s Head of Production – broadening his responsibilities to oversee Fine Chemicals and Technical Services as well as Reference Materials.


James says, “chemistry is truly at the heart of the Epichem family. I’m proud to be part of a passionate team of scientists, supporting industry and local R&D with custom synthesis and technical expertise in organic chemistry.”

In his newly expanded role, James is determined to provide solutions to drive innovation and success of our customers, “making the ‘too-hard’ possible,” he says, and working with distribution partners to supply pharmaceutical reference materials around the globe – supporting safe and quality medicine.


He looks forward to growing the business and providing more jobs for scientists in Western Australia

Epichem Leadership Team:

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